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Community Futures of Greater Trail is part of the 269 organization strong Canadian Community Futures Development Corporations and Community Business Development Corporations (CFDCs/CBDCs) network. British Columbia is home to 34 CFDC offices that focus on entrepreneurial and community development. To learn more about the British Columbia Community Futures network visit www.communityfutures.ca.

CFDC Of Greater Trail

Community Futures Development Corporation of Greater Trail is a community driven organization consisting of a team of business savvy individuals and volunteer board of directors. We work with local community partners and budding entrepreneurs to ensure Greater Trail will be competitive in the Global economy.

Since 1987 the Greater Trail office has served the residents of Trail, Rossland, Warfield, Genelle, Montrose, Fruitvale and Areas A & B of Kootenay Boundary Regional District. We partner with various provincial and federal agencies in the Greater Trail area to provide business educational and training services and to develop new socioeconomic opportunities. To learn more about our operations view the 2017/2018 Community Futures Annual Report (PDF format) and 2019 Financials.

Our Mission Statement

Investing in your business idea. Building our community’s future


Board of Directors

The Community Futures of Greater Trail Board of Directors identifies goals and objectives for the upcoming year through strategic planning. The staff then is charged with the task of delivering on these goals. The Board meets on a monthly basis at which time management provides a progress report and receives input from the Board.

Director Term

Subject to the provisions of this By-law, Directors shall be elected yearly by the Active Members at an annual meeting. The Directors term of office shall be from the date of the meeting at which they are elected until the next annual meeting or until their successors are elected. The whole Board shall retire at the annual meeting at which the election of Directors is to be made, but subject to the provisions of the By-laws shall be eligible for re-election.

CFDC Board of Directors (8 volunteer members):

  • Frank Marino: Retired, independent consultant
  • Chris DeLuca: Accountant, CPA
  • Ken LeRose: BSc, MBA, finance
  • Gerald Klassen: Entrepreneur, succession planning, consultant
  • Joan Muffly: Entrepreneur, business owner
  • Gerry Woodhouse: Entrepreneur, businessman, strong community supporter
  • Sean Smillie: Video game production & design, creative development, advertising & marketing strategies
  • Beverley Benson: BSc., Human Resources, administration


In addition to the Board of Directors, Community Futures of Greater Trail has three committees. Each committee is chaired by a Director on the Board, and all Board and committee members live in the Greater Trail area. Directors and volunteers on the committees are often business people, educators, professionals and active community volunteers with an interest in economic prosperity through community involvement.

Loans Committee (5 volunteer members):

  • Gerald Klassen
  • Carla Plotnikoff
  • Frank Marino
  • Ken LeRose
  • Sara Stuart

This Committee approves or rejects requests for financing and meets on an as-needed basis. This Committee is chaired by a Director and is comprised of Directors and community volunteers. The Loans Manager attends Committee meetings.

Self Employment Committee (4 members):

This Committee reviews and approves Self Employment Program applications. The Committee is comprised of Directors and volunteers.

Audit Committee (3 members):

This Committee reviews year end financial before they are presented to the Board for final approval. The Committee is comprised of 3 Directors and the General manager.

Becoming a Board Member

Greater Trail residents interested in serving as a Board Director or on one of our committees are urged to complete an initial Volunteer Assessment Form. The completed form may be returned to our office at 825 Spokane Street, Trail B.C. or emailed to info(at)communityfutures.com. To learn more about the policies, mandates, and vision of Community Futures of Greater Trail please view our Director Information Package.


CFDC Staff


Erik Kalacis
Executive Director
364-2595 ext 22
Erik oversees all CFDC projects, staff, and operations. He is an avid outdoor activity enthusiast with extensive experience in leadership roles spanning tourism, hospitality, sporting goods, mountian travel, ski resort, and experimental industries. Erik holds two Bachelor degrees; one in Commerce and one in Education. Erik excels in sales, marketing and business development. Erik is the person to see to discuss operations, organizational partnerships, and initiatives for the betterment of the communities we serve.


Tamara Rotach
Loans Manager
364-2595 ext 26
Tamara administers the Community Futures loan portfolio. She was born and raised in the area and understands local needs. Tamara has many years of financial institution lending experience and plays an active role in community economic development. About the only thing Tamara enjoys more than money is sharing it with new and expanding businesses. Tamara is the person to see for help with business financing.


Ron Perepolkin
Project Coordinator
364-2595 ext 30
Ron initiates and participates in economic development projects that benefit the region. He has a strong background in information technology and building partnerships that increase capacity of the region to do business. Recent projects include: the MIDAS Fab Lab, Fibre optic broadband, KBRH Heliport, Waneta Industrial Park water system, Trail Airport improvements, the South Kootenay Businenss Centre business incubator, the South Kootenay Data Centre, and many others. Ron is the person to see when you want to discuss economic development projects and initiatives.

Phone :
Loro Seymour
Administrative Assistant
364-2595 ext 21
Loro is our receptionist and is the first person you will meet when visiting our offices. She is our office event planner, call centre, booking agent, and traffic controller. With experience as a real estate investor and small business owner Loro understands business needs and can provide guidance to the services we offer as well as referrals to other resources. Loro is the person to see when you are looking for assistance and are not sure where to start.

Kristine MacGillivray
Entrepreneurial Services Coordinator
364-2595 ext 24 se(at)communityfutures.com
Kristine coordinates the Self Employment (SE) Program. She is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of business experience and is an active community volunteer. Her favorite saying is “Let my small business experience improve yours”. Kristine is the person to see when you are thinking of starting a new business.

John Reed
Junior Initiatives Coordinator
364-2595 ext 28 john(at)communityfutures.com
John coordinates Junior Dragons Den. John is an active outdoorsman, event planner and business person. John has been actively involved as a volunteer on different Chamber and Destination Marketing boards. John is the person to see to discuss Junior Dragons Den and other youth business initiatives.

Phone :
Nicole Pipes
Office Manager
364-2595 ext 23
Nicole keeps the office running smoothly and keeps the rest of the staff sane. Nicole is our bookkeeper, business analyst, financial planner, business consultant, and babysitter. We have a saying in our office that goes: "ask Nicole ". As Nicole manages our office to ensure we are fiducially responsible you will only see her when her special expertise is required.

Privacy Policy

Web Site Privacy

The CommunityFutures.com web site does not collect personal information unless you choose to use services that ask for personal information. Your personal information will not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with your consent or as required by law. When you browse our web site our servers automatically collect standard information for traffic monitoring and statistical purposes. You cannot be identified from this type of information. The information is analyzed for operational trends, performance and for ways to improve the site. This website uses cookies (small text based data files transmitted to your computer) for web site traffic analysis and to store session data such as keyword search terms. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can configure your web browser to refuse cookies. See your web browsers help documentation for details.

Privacy Statement

The Community Futures Development Corporation of Greater Trail (CFDC of Greater Trail) will collect personal information directly as well as from credit reporting bureaus and other financial institutions and from references provided to CFDC of Greater Trail. The CFDC of Greater Trail will collect, use and disclose personal information for the following purposes:

  • To determine the eligibility of clients for programs and financing
  • To provide ongoing service
  • To detect and prevent fraud and to help safeguard the financial interests of CFDC of Greater Trail and its clients
  • To meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • To meet personal requirements
  • To verify client identify

The CFDC of Greater Trail may provide personal information to credit bureaus and other financial institutions and, with consent, to other parties. CFDC of Greater Trail may share personal information with its employees and partner organizations but only as needed for the provision of programs and services. The Corporation may also use personal information to introduce programs and services by contacting clients directly (via mail, telephone or email only). At any time clients may choose not to receive direct marketing or sharing of personal information for marketing purposes. Please contact the CFDC of Greater Trail's Privacy Officer for more details.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how and why the CFDC of Greater Trail collects personal information, how it protects it, and what your rights are regarding your privacy. The CFDC of Greater Trail has a Privacy Officer responsible for the development and implementation of its Privacy Policy. If you are concerned or have questions about the CFDC of Greater Trail's use and disclosure of personal information please contact the Privacy Officer. If you do not then the CFDC of Greater Trail will continue to use and disclosure your personal information for the purposes explained in its Privacy Statement.

  • The CFDC of Greater Trail will retain your information in strictest confidence. This information will be used to determine eligibility for programs and services, to meet legal or regulatory requirements, verify identify and to detect and prevent fraud. You may obtain your complete credit history report by phoning a credit reporting agency such as Equifax Canada 1-888-227-8800. They will provide you with instructions in order to process your information request.
  • The CFDC of Greater Trail obtains personal information directly from a client. We also received information from credit reporting agencies, other financial institutions and partners, and from references you have given the Corporation authorization to contact. You consent can be either expressed or implied, and be given in writing, or electronically. You can provide information directly to the CFDC of Greater Trail or through an authorized party such as a lawyer or broker.
  • Your personal information is not for public disclosure. We have procedures and policies in place to prevent the misuse, abuse or communication of your personal information. All employees are obligated to sign confidentiality agreements. Personal information is stored in locked filing cabinets inside staff offices. Information is stored for the legal required periods only and destroyed in a secured manner after that period has expired. Agreements addressing client privacy are in place with all partner organizations guaranteeing the security of client confidentiality.
  • Your Social Insurance Number (SIN) is required to verify your identify and for credit reporting requirements. If you choose to limit access to your SIN it will prevent you from accessing credit. Providing your Social Insurance Number for purposes other than income tax reporting is voluntary.
  • You have the option to not receive any direct mail or marketing of CFDC products and services. Please contact the Privacy Officer if you would like to select this option. You will continue to receive financial and other information as requested.
  • It is your responsibility to protect and keep safe your personal and financial information. The CFDC of Greater Trail cannot guarantee the confidential transmission of data if email software does not provide an encrypted format. Any personal information containing sensitive material should be submitted in an alternate, secure manner.
  • Upon request a client can access his/her personal information held by the CFDC of Greater Trail. If a situation occurs where the personal information contains references to other individuals or cannot be disclosed due to legal, security or commercial proprietary reasons access may be restricted or limited.


For more information on privacy write to the CFDC of Greater Trail:

Privacy Officer
CFDC of Greater Trail
825 Spokane Street
Trail BC, V1R 3W4

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