Gedak Lock & Safe

Client Profile
James Gedak, Gedak Lock & Safe


James and his wife made the big move from Vancouver to Trail BC in the summer of 2012. After taking some time to adjust to the slower and gentler pace of Kootenay life, James made the decision to plunge into entrepreneurial waters. James took advantage of the Self Employment Program, completed his business plan and subsequently launched Gedak Lock & Safe. This new business offers mobile locksmithing services for residential, business and industrial customers solving troublesome situations and fixing their security problems.

Give James a call:

  • When your safe door won't open after spending two hours trying to think why did you just change the combination and not test it with the door open first;
  • If you lose your safe deposit box key twice then realize that you forgot to make a copy when you lost the first one and now need it drilled, again;
  • You have seven different keys to your home and only want one;
  • If its an emergency and your house has been broken into James will be there immediately to resolve it.

You can find Gedak Lock and Safe at or call 250-521-0512.

James has this to say about the Self Employment Program “The program has been great, the guidance and resources it gives to start a company successfully has been of real value. To know what to do when big obstacles arrive, and they will happen, and having support and guidance to keep riding through. It also takes the anxiety away from wondering where you're going to get the funds to feed your family when dedicating your personal funds, time and energy to start off. Ultimately, they support members of the community that are starting up their own companies and really want them to succeed. If you are serious about starting your own company successfully then this program is for you."