Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works

Client Profile
Sarah Grimwood, Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works


With a strong background and artistic flair for the creation of natural fibre products, Sarah Grimwood set out on the self-employment path to create Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works.

Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works is about all natural fibres; hand processed using the traditions of years gone by and the innovations of the present. The aim is to create a full circle connection for the consumer; an understanding of both the fabulous qualities of the product as well as the connection to the natural world.

The business promotes sustainability, environmental consciousness and consumption with awareness. As an Eco Luxury brand Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works fills a need in a niche market with the use of only the highest quality fibres hand-selected from small-scale fibre farms. All purchases are made consciously recognizing a need for strong local, regional and global trade practices that promote strong economies throughout the world. Products are created with purpose and the end user in mind, each detail is meticulously thought out and care taken to ensure only the highest quality rovings, batts, yarns and finished products make it to the shelves.

Designed to inspire, Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works is set apart form the competition through unique fibre blends, stunning colour combinations and a touch of sparkle all traceable to the source. A handcrafted yarn created by Sarah Elizabeth Fibre works sets the stage for an amazing fibre experience – fabulous to work with and exquisite to wear.

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