Shiatsu with Liz

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Liz Glowacki, Shiatsu with Liz


Liz Glowacki operates a mobile business delivering Shiatsu therapy to residents and visitors of the Rossland range and beyond. She offers a high quality, high value service providing injury and health prevention and treatment so adventurers can feel their best while experiencing the region.

Shiatsu is very effective when used as a therapy for problems caused by stress and tension and is a powerful tool for elimination of toxic buildup and fatigue, relaxing muscular tension and for stimulating the body’s natural self?curative process.

Testimonials from clients have been incredibly rewarding. Many of her clients have been open to trying shiatsu for the first time, here is what they have this to say about their experience;

“My massage with Liz was my first experience with Shiatsu and I found it extremely interesting and beneficial. Liz used firm, repetitive movements of her forearms, elbows and knees in addition to her hands, which supplied a relieving amount of pressure. Liz has an extremely calming, grounding and quietly compassionate presence. She is strongly connected to her own physicality and this flows powerfully into her bodywork, making her a talented and highly professional therapist with a true gift for what she does.” -Kahlia Belli

“Afterwards, I was left in a state of sublime contentedness, as if my whole body gave a tremendous sigh of relief. I would definitely recommend shiatsu and Liz for anyone considering getting full body work done." -Arlen McLean

Liz, a person with a vast array of interests and a passion for learning is also someone who dreaded job hunting for work that just didn't fit. Liz knew that skills in business were the next step for her. “Being in the (Self Employment) program allowed for me to hone in on what I perceived as obstacles to having this business, and it really unfolded week to week as I had the opportunity to pursue my vision and gather research about the market and my community. I didn't have it all figured out when I started. The program helped to ground my ideas while providing a positive feedback loop; taking the steps toward creating the business plan caused the business to develop. My experience of this process was wonderfully affirming and challenging.”

With five plus years of experience in holistic health, Liz has received training with a Master Shiatsu therapist in Nelson, BC and training from The Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy in Vancouver, BC. She is currently being mentored in herbalism/dreambody/ayurveda and seaweed.