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Val Rossi, Writer's Block Solutions

Have you ever stared at a blank page for longer than you’d like to admit, contemplating how to best describe what your business is up to or how to share a story that engages your audience? Many professionals have experienced this, and Writer’s Block Solutions was created to solve this dilemma.

Creating content that is useful, relevant, and well-written attracts new prospects and keeps your business top of mind, according to founder Valerie Rossi.

Writer’s Block Solutions produces fresh, unique content for professionals looking to use storytelling to engage their community. Their product line includes press releases, newsletters, website content, editing, blogging, social media, marketing content, and editorial content for print or online publications.

Though Writer’s Block is not limited to geographic area, the Rossland-based business will strive to form repeat customers at home in the West Kootenay region, while simultaneously taking on select projects of interest outside the region. Writer’s Block is dedicated to assisting large organizations and companies with content; even those with a media lead often need assistance with ongoing side projects, and this has been the case with Teck Connect, the mining giant’s international employee magazine. Beyond focusing on leading employers in the region, Writer’s Block works with those needing support - like entrepreneurs, technical business professionals, non-profits and municipalities – while also working in journalism for lifestyle magazines. Developing a business plan is giving Val the jumpstart she needs to let the local community know she’s here to help them elevate their game by creating content that moves people.

Mission: To produce fresh content for business professionals interested in growing their community and marketing their brand through quality storytelling.

Vision: To lead the growing industry of content writing by crafting and sharing compelling original stories that impact and foster community and business.

More about the Founder, Val Rossi: Val leapt into the fast-growing field of content writing after exiting the newspaper industry and recognizing a demand. Requests to write for magazines were suddenly complimented with other needs, including creative content for new websites, newsletters or advertorial pieces. A career in content writing was a natural fit for Val, an experienced journalist who has written for many publications, including a once-daily newspaper for almost a decade. She’s always found satisfaction and excitement in crafting compelling stories on subjects both simple and complex, and now she’s thrilled to continue independently as a sole proprietor based in Rossland. A growing need to have an online presence has generated more work for content writers, resulting in greater opportunities both locally in the West Kootenay region and throughout the province.


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